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Every year the top wildlife images are selected by a panel of judges to determine the Wildlife Photographer of the Year. A competition that began in 1965 continues to draw the very best photographs from around the world. The top 100 images are exhibited worldwide after first appearing at the Natural History Museum in London. Fifty years worth of photos to select from has resulted in a spectacular collection that has been presented in this stunning book. Instead of a straight chronological presentation, the editor has selected themes to link the photographs, such as aerial viewpoints or underwater images. Within those topics it is possible to see the evolution of different photographic approaches. To have one photograph chosen to appear in this book is impressive, but there are a number of photographers, such as Vincent Munier, Erlend Haarberg and Jim Brandenburg, who have multiple images included. From the tiniest shrimp on the ocean floor to a polar bear poised alongside an Arctic fox against a vast ice wilderness, we are given the chance to see into many unique areas where nature has been free from man's influence. The talent and perseverance of these photographers have resulted in breathtaking looks at the natural world, and remind us how important it is to protect these spaces and species. (Terry Peters North Shore News 2015-03-20) Conservation Photographer of the Year and First Place Winner 'Six Frames for Change' category. (El Planeta Photo 2015 Awards 2015-12-01) For this book, Cox, a longtime editor of BBC Wildlife Magazine, gathered images from 50 years' worth of a photography competition. What she created beyond that is an emotive tribute to the earth's wild creatures and places, through the lenses of countless photographers from all over the world. Britain's Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition is an international, furiously competitive contest, and one that Cox, a judge since 1981, argues has helped shape the craft of wildlife photography into an art form... Poetically named chapters such as "and then there was light" and "the tiny things in life" each have their own helpful introduction followed by stunning images that alternately intrigue, entertain, inspire and amaze. Many are moving, others are revealing and others, simply beautiful. Spare text offers readers a glimpse into how each image was made, its back story and why it deserves to be in the book. Clear the coffee table -- this book has substance, beauty and will draw


  • With time, better access to wildlife, and improved equipment (especially underwater), the world's best photographers continued to make astounding pictures
  • They captured moments of speed, flight, aggression and repose in ways that brought the deserts, African plains, and tropical and polar regions into our homes.
  • This book showcases the work of 50 years and hundreds of award winners
  • The 200 photos, in brilliant color, are grouped around subjects related to the competition, from aerial shots to close-ups, underwater masterpieces, nocturnal shots, panoramas and many more wildlife stories
  • The photographic competition is owned by the BBC -- famous for popular TV shows about the Earth's wildlife and wild places -- and the Natural History Museum of London