Ab Champ

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Ab Champ interactive machine - tones abs, core and upper and lower body. Total Toning Track - provides controlled resistance allowing you to comfortably extend your body Interactive Light Game - Five 'personal trainer' programs provide variety and motivation. Guide Track and Target Bag - The targets correspond with the matching lights on the Ab Champ machine. They can be...

Gaiam Backless Balance Ball Chair System Green

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The Gaiam Backless Balance Ball Chair System Green will engage your core, relieve pain, and help you breathe better without the temptation of resting your back and losing your posture. Small micro-movements caused from balancing on the ball will stimulate blood flow, keeping your core and back constantly engaged. Chair includes a removable 52cm balance ball, air pump, base with...

Gaiam Banyan & Bo Ultra Support Yoga Mat 5mm Gray

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Lasting support for your daily practice this mat is ideal for any kind of yoga and practitioners of all levels. The Gaiam Banyan & Bo Ultra Support Yoga Mat 5mm Gray offers a seamless blend of support and stability and provides the cushioning you need to protect joints without sacrificing the firm, durable support that keeps you grounded. Manufactured free...

Gaiam Total Balance Ball 55 cm Yellow

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Use the Gaiam Total Balance Ball 55 cm Yellow (Stability Ball) to add resistance training to your workout, for maximum results. This ball will help you sculpt and tone you abs, arms and legs. Use this ball for resistance and balance, along with workouts. When used with Pilates, yoga and strength moves the Balance Ball will help to focus on...

Mari Winsor Slimming Pilates Kit

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The dynamic combination of The Accelerator and Seamless Transitioning technique gives you total-body sculpting and toning, fat-burning cardio, and core conditioning all at the same time. You can duplicate exercises usually performed on expensive Pilates equipment and target all those hard-to-reach problem areas. Get leaner-looking thighs, firmer, tighter buns and a sleek, strong well-defined core.The breakthrough 'Seamless Transitioning' training technique...

Step 360 Get On the Ball DVD 2010

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Step 360 Plus Instructor, Madison Chase, leads you through a ten minute series of standing cardio plus sculpting moves to blast fat while sculpting your body, combined with a core focused routine using the Stability Ball inside the inverted Step360 (NOT INCLUDED) so you chisel your core and get rock hard abs!

STEP360 / STEP UP! Jessie Pavelka [DVD] [2010]

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Step it UP! with Teri Ann Krefting. In this extremely effective routine, Step360 Instructor, Teri Ann Krefting, powers up the cardio in this all inclusive cardio workout! Power drills, intervals, kickboxing and plyometrics are combined to give you the ultimate calorie burn in this 20 minute workout. Get leaner using the step360 while burning more fat than traditional aerobics. THIS...

The Firm Zip Trainer Medicine Ball Kit

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Introducing The FIRM Zip Trainer System, an innovative at-home DVD fitness program using one of the most ingenious workout products ever invented. This is the first piece of fitness equipment to incorporate all of the dynamic benefits of cardio, sculpt, core strength and balance training into a single, complete system that will help YOU lose weight and get the body...

Zip Trainer by The FIRM Firm & Cardio 4 Workouts on 2 DVDs

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With four programs designed to be completed separately or combined, you will get a total body sculpt and calorie burning workout like no other! Short on time? Perform just the segments that meet your needs. (Use with the Zip trainer, 3 and 7 pound Core Balls. NOT INCLUDED.)