(10) Restrainer Strap Intex Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool straps 12x24

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Replace those used and broken restrainer straps with these Restrainer Strap for 9ft X 18ft X 52in, 12ft X 24ft X 52in, 16ft X 32ft X 52in Intex Rectangular Ultra Frame Pools

*** DIRTY Replacement Restrainer Strap for Intex 18ft X 10ft X 42in Oval Frame Pools

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Replace those used or broken restrainer straps with the Replacement Restrainer Strap for Intex Oval Frame Pools measures 23 inch x 11.5 inch. Includes connection rod. Includes connection rod. Compatible with: Compatible with: 26191CA, 26191EH, 26193EH, 27981EG. Color: Blue

***USED-LINER ONLY Replacement Intex 12ft X 30in Round Prism Frame Pool Liner ONLY

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***USED/OPEN BOX - LINER ONLY Replacement Intex 12ft X 30in Round Prism Frame Pool Liner ONLY. Constructed with puncture-resistant 3-ply durable material. Stylish and upscale looking liner color. Approximate set-up size: 12ft X 30in. Water capacity: 1,718 gallons (90%). Liner replacement for Intex pool ONLY. Sold as liner ONLY, no other parts included.

1 Intex Hose Adpter B converts INTEX pool fittings

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The Type B Hose Adapter converts INTEX pools with 1.25" fittings to 1.5" fittings. These hose adapters will be needed when upgrading from a low flow pump system (1000 GPH or smaller) to a larger pump system (1500 GPH or larger). Includes one hose adapter. Please note, if you are upgrading and not replacing just one, two adapters are needed...

12-Pack Intex River Rat 48" Inflatable Tubes For Lake-Pool-River 12 x 68209E

$ 219.99 $ 119.99

This 12-Pack of Intex River Rat Inflatable Tubes are a bold choice for floating down a river, having fun in your swimming pool, or for a day at the beach or lake. Stand out while you are floating at the lake, beach, pool, or river with this 12-Pack of Intex River Rat Inflatable Tubes. Designed with bold stripes and a...

15' x 48" Easy Set Above Ground Swimming Pool

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This Intex 15' x 48' Easy Set pool looks great in any backyard for hours of fun on a hot day. Simply inflate the top ring and the pool rises as you fill it. The included filter pump offers easy installation. It also comes with a ground cloth, a pool cover, a ladder. Equipped with the Ground Fault Interrupter, which...

1500 gal hr Intex Filter Pump Krystal Clear Model 635 Small Pump Upgrade Pump

$ 429.99 $ 109.95

Keep your pool water clean for continuous summer fun! Efficient filtration is essential for a quality swim experience. Who wants to swim in a dirty pool? Intex's 1500 GPH Pump is easy to install, just hook-up hoses and plug in! The GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) feature on the 1500 GPH pump provides additional safety and protection. Your pump will...

1500 gal/hr Intex Filter Pump, Krystal Clear Model 635 - Small Pump Upgrade P...

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1500 gal/hr Intex Filter Pump is Recommended for Intex 18' Easy SetTM pools, Frame SetTM pools, Ellipse Oval pools, Rectangular Frame pools and similar sized pools from other manufacturers, or as an upgrade system to your smaller diameter above ground pool, it is double insulated for safety and long life. Installation is very easy - just hook-up the hoses and...

1500 GPH and Below Filter Pump Seal Pack for Intex Pools

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If your gaskets and parts wear out, you do not need to purchase a whole new pump. Purchase replacement parts and make you part like new again.

2 Blue Ring Debris Bags 10788 Deluxe Pool Maintenance Kit Vacuum Part Intex

$ 24.99 $ 13.99

Compatible with: 28003E, 28335EH, 28337EH, 28341WA, 28345WA, 28365EH, 28375EH, 28395EH. Debris Bag with Ring for Deluxe Maintenance Kit and Large Vacuum Bodies. Plastic Ring is approximately 3-1/4" diameter and 4-1/4" outside diameter. The bag is washable and reusable.

2 Hose Adapters for Intex Pools

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OEM Replacement Parts for Intex pools and equipment will keep your pool safe and functioning properly. The Intex Replacement Hose Adapter "A" is designed for connecting 1.25-inch and 1.5-inch Intex pool hoses to plunger valves and various other pieces of Intex pool equipment. Fits all Intex 4000, 2500, 2000 and 1500 gallon per hour filter pumps that use threaded hose...

2 Intex 1 25 in. Pool Replacement Hoses One and quarter Inch

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The Intex 1.25 inch replacement filter pump hose is 59 inches long and fits all filter pumps that use 1 1/4 inch hoses. This filter pump hose extension fits the Intex Krystal Clear 530 gph pump model 603 / 604, the Intex 1000 gph pump model 637R / 638R Fits Intex Filter Pumps - 530 gph and 1000 gph pumps...