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This Amazing Zhus" Magician Madame Zhu Interactive Pet will amaze you with her mystical abilities! Madame Zhu sees all - just look into her eyes and she will mesmerize you! Amaze your friends with this interactive toy's fantastic magic tricks and stunts! Astound your friends as Madame Zhu predicts the correct answer to the magician cards - every time! Point the magic wand and this battery-operated toy will follow! Astound your friends with stunning illusions performed by this Amazing Zhus The Great Magician Zhu Zhu Pet. This master of illusions is one of an exclusive group of performers who wear special, magic top hats. These caps allow them to correctly guess the answers to the magician's cards, without even looking. This interactive pet follows the magic wand wherever you lead him. He can accurately guess where the pea is located in the shell game. He can find his way back to his home by following the wand. This little entertainer can perform on the circus equipment. He will astound the audience on the high wire and can jump 20 stories from the high dive into a bucket of water. These Amazing Zhus follow the Magic Wand wherever you lead them and can magically find their way home to their Magician Houses. They perform stunts on most accessories: including the High Dive and High Wire Speak with over 200+ funny sound effects. These Great Magician Zhu Pets would make an entertaining gift for kids 4 and older.>


  • 2 Motorized Amazing Zhu Magician Pets that Speak with over 200+ funny sound effects.
  • Pets perform magic tricks and gravity-defying stunts
  • Each Pet requires 2 AAA batteries which are included in its own box
  • Each Magician Pet has its own Magic Wand and 3 Magician Cards
  • These Great Magician Zhu Pets would make an entertaining gift for kids 4 and older.