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Oftentimes a vehicle undergoing extensive maintenance needs to be moved from one location to the other in your garage or auto shop. That’s easier said than done when the vehicle is incapable of being driven and needs to be moved by hand. With OEMTOOLS 1/2 Ton Vehicle Dolly Pair, you’re halfway to moving your vehicle all on your own. The car dolly set of 2 will let you work with convenience and security. This vehicle dolly set allows you to move independently through your work, turning moving vehicles in from an impossibility on your own, to an easy, one-mechanic job. These vehicle dollies come together to bear a maximum load of 1 ton. The durable steel construction of the auto wheel dolly body partners with heavy duty swivel casters; the dolly wheels maintain even weight distribution of the vehicle and allow for smooth, fluid movement with one person moving the vehicle from place to place. These can be used as an ATV dolly set, a 4 wheeler dolly auto tool, or any other vehicle wheel dolly you need at your disposal. While most wheel skates for cars are designed to cradle the tires of the vehicle with either a flat or angled base, OEM TOOLS has designed this car wheel dolly set with their purpose at the forefront. The curved profile of the car dolly mean that the tires will rest flush to the durable steel base, working with their natural shape to fit snugly. Rails on either side of the motorcycle wheel dolly eliminate the risk of an auto dolly slipping out of place. Those same rails are designed to serve as carrying handles for when you move them back and forth. The automotive dolly designed by OEM TOOLS has been made with a focus on safety and efficiency coming together. The ability to move a vehicle under construction or customization shouldn’t be limited to how many mechanics are in the shop. With these car movers, you can move your vehicle with ease. Never worry about an extra set of hands again, and work with the confidence of independence.


  • MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER: The heavy duty casters of the car moving wheel dolly roll smoothly along any flat surface; Even distribution of the car’s weight between each car mover dolly makes moving vehicles in any direction a one-mechanic job
  • SECURE HOLD: The under car dolly is designed with a curved profile, rather than an angled design, to allow for tires to sit flush to the surface of the car skates and stay put when being moved from one location to another
  • SAFETY AND CONVENIENCE: Durable steel construction and heavy duty swivel casters of your four wheel dolly help to bear the vehicle load with confidence with this car tool set
  • EFFICIENT DESIGN: Rails on either side of the car moving dolly keep wheels securely positioned and serve as carrying handles when transporting the tire dolly to the car or wherever they may be stored
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: Car tire dolly dimensions measure 15 1/2" x 23 1/2"; Each car roller suited to bear a 1/2 Ton load, paired to handle a maximum load of 1 Ton; Requires swivel casters to be attached to the car rollers before use