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The Charli Chair is the first bathing product designed to keep your child safe and secure while bathing in a shower. With a growing number of homes and apartments where only a shower available, the Charli Chair provides a safe and convenient place to bath baby comfortably for the parents. Also, bathing in a shower eliminates much of the risk of drowning conventional bathtubs have for baby. According to reports, children ages 1 to 4 have the highest drowning rates. In 2009, among children 1 to 4 years old who died from an unintentional injury, more than 30% died from drowning. The Charli Chair is used from when the baby is designed for infants 0-24 months, weighing up to 37lbs. Featuring a two position recline, the Charli Chair is able to tilt to a 30 degree angle for newborns and then 45 degree angle for when the child is old enough to want to sit up. The Charli Chair is quick and easy to put together. Both the frames and the seat have a built-in clicking mechanism, making assembly a snap! The Charli Chair frame is made of zinc-treated steel, making it waterproof and rust-resistant. The Charli Chair is a unique shower chair designed for babies that is placed in a flat surfaced shower. The chair’s adjustable height design eliminates the need to bend over while bathing, eliminating back pain most parents complain of. The Charli Chair provides parents with the freedom of both hands as their baby will be securely strapped in with a five point harness during use. Adjustable Height: 32.5"-38.6". Seat Length: 21.5". Width: 17.7". Depth: 22". For ages 2-24 months.


  • 5-Point adjustable safety harness securely holds baby in shower chair
  • For ages 0-24 months (up to 37 lbs.)
  • Practical and fun new way to shower with your baby!
  • Adjusts to three heights keeping baby comfortable in an adjustable reclining position
  • Secure, non-skid legs grip the shower floor and prevent the Charli Chair from sliding.